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A personal injury case requires a deep understanding of the facts, the procedures, and the law.
If another person’s negligence has caused a negative impact on your life or loved one, rely on Vrana & Hines, P.C. in Raynham, MA.
Our skilled and competent legal practitioners can handle various kinds of personal injury cases.

Why Hire Us As Your Legal Representative

Being a victim in a personal injury case can be overwhelming. You believe you have a legitimate claim for compensation because of the damages you have incurred, but you just don’t know where to start and what steps to take. During these times when you feel vulnerable and frustrated,
a personal injury lawyer will be of great help.

Our lawyers will take the time to understand your situation, answer your questions, and address your concerns. This way, you can make well-informed decisions regarding your case. We will also give you straightforward advice on how you can obtain the maximum compensation possible.

You have every right to seek legal assistance when someone has caused you harm because of his or her negligent actions. If you are looking for lawyers who will guide you in recovering your compensation and fight for you in court, reach out to us. We will work hard to until justice has been served in your case.


Workplace electrocution injury resulting in amputation of hand and other physical limitations - $1.8 million.

Failure of a physician to properly treat a pregnant woman causing her to suffer a massive stroke, resulting in a jury verdict of $35.4 million.

Birth injury - $575,000.

Carbon monoxide poisoning requiring overnight hospitalization - $325,000.

Motorcycle accident resulting in back injury - $400.000.

Back injuries suffered when a liquor establishment overserved a patron, who caused a motor vehicle accident - $150,000.

Dog bite to a minor child’s leg - $140,000.

Slip and fall down unlit stairs causing broken arm and wrist - $135,000.

Workplace injury resulting in fractured foot - $275,000.

Insurance carrier failure to pay life insurance claim - $550,000.